Speakers at the plenary meeting of October 13-14, 2015

Tuesday 13th October

14h00 – 14h20 : Daniel Le Métayer (Privatics): Introduction
14h20 – 15h00 : Sébastien Gambs (CIDRE, Rennes) : Sanitization of call detail records via differentially-private Bloom filters
15h00 – 15h40 : Kévin Huguenin (LAAS, Toulouse) : Predicting Users’ Motivations behind Location Check-Ins and Utility Implications of Privacy Protection Mechanisms
15h40 – 16h10 : Marco Stronati (COMETE, Saclay) : Including l-diversity in elastic distinguishability metrics for location privacy
16h40 – 17h20 : Marc-Olivier Killijian (LAAS, Toulouse) : Un PSI (Private Intersection Set) rapide basé sur RLWE (Ring Learning With Errors)

Wednesday 14st October

09h00 – 09h40 : Claire Gayrel, (CRIDS Namur) : Towards a Privacy Impact Assessment template for biometric systems
09h40 – 10h20 : Céline Castets-Renard (IUF, IRDEIC Toulouse) : Réflexions sur le concept d’accountability
10h50 – 11h30 : Sonia Ben Mokhtar (LIRIS, Lyon) : Towards Accountable and Privacy-Preserving Gossiping
11h30 – 12h10 : Javier Parra Arnau (PRIVATICS, Grenoble) : User Privacy and Online Behavioral Targeting
13h45 – 14h25 : Gilles Trédan (LAAS, Toulouse)
14h25 – 15h30 : Daniel Le Métayer, Marc-Olivier Killijian : future of CAPPRIS, general discussion