Cappris (Collaborative Action on the Protection of Privacy Rights in the Information Society) is an Inria Project Lab initiated in 2013. The general goal of Cappris is to foster the collaboration between research groups involved in privacy in France and the interaction between the computer science, law and social sciences communities in this area. In order to reach its goals, Cappris carries out two kinds of actions :

  • Joint Research Actions to investigate specific research topics following a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. Joint Research Actions have been launched on geolocation privacy, on privacy in the context of smartphones, on privacy risk analysis and on the notion of control over personal data.
  • Networking actions to favour the emergence of a research community on privacy and enhance the interest of researchers and the public in this fast evolving domain.

The outputs of the first line of actions are research results whereas the networking actions take the form of joint events (meetings, visits, workshops, etc.) as well as wider audience publications and events.

Even if its goal is to provide general techniques with a potentially broad impact, Cappris considers different contexts and concrete case studies to ensure the relevance and significance of its results. To reach this aim, three classes of case studies have been selected: Online Social Networks (OSN), Location Based Services (LBS) and Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR), which correspond to application domains with great impact on society.