• MyTrackingChoices: This extension lets you control how you are being tracked on the Internet.
  • MyAdChoices: This extension lets you know what is happening behind the scenes with your Web-browsing data and enable you to react accordingly.
  • Location Guard: Location Guard is a browser extension that allows to protect your location while
    using location-aware websites
  • GEPETO: a GEoPrivacy-Enhancing TOolkit. GEPETO is a flexible open source software
    which can be used to visualize, sanitize, perform inference attacks

    which can be used to visualize, sanitize, perform inference attacks, and measure the utility of a particular geolocalised dataset.

  • APTE: Algorithm for Proving Trace Equivalence. APTE an be used to model privacy properties such as anonymity or unlinkability.
  • MinExp : The goal of the tool is to propose an analysis, framework and implementation of a founding privacy principle : Limited Data Collection, which can be stated as follows: the set of personal data required during a given process must be strictly limited to the minimum necessary to achieve the purpose of this process. The implementation runs on a secure smartcard, or smartcard simulator.
  • GTKWifiscanner: this tool allows you to scan information transferred by WiFi devices.
  • Panoptiphone : this tool allows you to check how unique is your Wi-Fi device
  • Walter : this tool can be used to check if the web content displayed by your browser has been modified by a network service provider.
  • LIBQIF: a C++ library for quantitative Information flow