Speakers at the plenary meeting of March 18-19, 2014

Tuesday 18th March

14h00 – 14h20 : Daniel Le Métayer (Privatics): Introduction
14h20 – 15h00 : Stéphanie Delaune (Secsi): APTE: an automatic tool for verifying privacy-type security properties
15h00 – 15h40 : Denis Butin (Privatics): Log analysis for data protection accountability
16h10 – 16h50 : Antoinette Rouvroy (CRIDS): Réflexion sur les notions de contrôle, d’empowerment et d’agency
16h50 – 17h30 : Christophe Lazaro (Privatics): The end of the road ? A comparative analysis of consent in the information superhighways

Wednesday 19th March

09h00 – 09h40 : Jésus Friginal (LAAS): A privacy risk assessment methodology for Location Based Systems
09h40 – 10h20 : Cristina Onete (Cidre): Identity-hiding, MIM-untraceability and prover anonymity in authentication and distance bounding
10h45 – 11h25 : Ta Vinh Thong (Privatics): Query Auditing for Protecting Max/Min Values of Sensitive Attributes in Statistical Databases
11h00 – 11h30 : Cuong Quoc To (Smis): Démonstration d’un calcul SQL distribué sécurisé sur tokens
14h00 – 14h40 : Sébastien Gambs (Cidre): Implémenter le droit à l’oubli
14h45 – 15h20 : Amrit Kumar (Privatics): Have You Been Pawned: the Aftermath of Data Leakage
15h20 – 16h00 : Philippe Bonnet (Smis): A Means to an End: Trusted Storage and Strong Privacy Guarantees