Speakers at the plenary meeting of April 6-7, 2016

Wednesday 6th April

11h00 – 11h40 : Daniel Le Métayer, Benjamin Nguyen: Introduction, discussion sur des points d’ordre général (suite CAPPRIS, prix CNIL-Inria, etc.)
11h40 – 12h15 : Dimitrios Vasilopoulos (Eurecom): Verifiable Storage for Cloud Computing
14h00 – 14h35 : Sourya Joyee De (PRIVATICS): Privacy Harm Analysis
14h35 – 15h10 : Michele Bezzi (SAP): Risk-based privacy-aware information disclosure
15h10 – 15h45 : Anderson Santana de Oliveira (SAP): A Data Protection Impact Assessment Methodology for Cloud
15h45 – 16h00 : Anderson Santana de Oliveira (SAP): demonstration SAP Accountability Policy Engine
16h30 – 17h05 : Joris Lamare (COMETE): A logic for differential privacy in concurrent systems
17h05 – 17h40 : Julien Lolive (CIDRE): Entwining identification and privacy mechanisms for external contents’ protection

Thursday 7th April

09h00 – 09h25 : Fabien Gandon (WIMMICS): Privacy within W3C: ongoing activities and opportunities
09h25 – 10h00 : Benjamin Nguyen (LIFO): DatSha: a data sharing algebra
10h00 – 10h35 : Thibaud Antignac (Chalmers): Minimisation: A Language-Based Approach
11h00 – 11h35 : Nataliia Bielova (INDES): Crying Wolf ? On the Price Discrimination of Online Airline Ticket
11h35 – 12h10 : Jagdish Achara (PRIVATICS): MyAdChoices: Bringing Transparency and Control to Online Advertising